Sermon online

Our new Rector’s first sermon at the 10:30am service St. Mary’s Church on July 19th is available here – we hope to make other sermons and talks in the Parish available in the future.

Licensing of Rev. Vanessa Conant as Rector of St. Mary’s Church and Team Rector of the Parish of Walthamstow

On Monday 13th July, in St. Mary’s Church at 7:30pm, Rev. Vanessa Conant will be licensed as the Rector of St. Mary’s Church and Team Rector of the Parish of Walthamstow. Welcoming Vanessa and her husband Cameron to their new ministry will be friends and family, parishioners and clergy from Walthamstow and from Vanessa’s previous churches … [Read more…]

Detling Summer Celebration 2015

Thinking about your summer holidays? Why not come camping with St Luke’s to DETLING SUMMER CELEBRATION! It’s a bit like a small New Wine camp, or like Sizewell, but it’s in tents, in Kent (at the showground near Maidstone). You can choose to go to worship , talks and workshops, or you can kick back and soak up the sun (or maybe … [Read more…]

Intern Vacancy

We are excited to announce a 2nd vacancy for an intern role in the Parish of Walthamstow starting in September 2015. Do you want to serve Jesus and grow in discipleship? Do you want to be part of a rhythm of prayer and a committed team in a vibrant church fellowship? Are you excited about giving time … [Read more…]

Night Shelter Thanskgiving Service

This year the Night Shelter thanksgiving service will take place on Sunday 29th March at 6pm at the Blackhorse Rd Baptist Church. All who are involved with and support the Shelter with their prayers, help, and finances are warmly welcome. We want to give thanks to God for the help given over the winter and … [Read more…]

Holy Week & Easter 2015

Welcome to Holy Week and Easter 2015. With all that is happening locally, nationally and globally this year, it’s time to pray, reflect and celebrate. This does not mean we ignore the pain. Rather, journeying through Holy Week connects us with the pain, injustice, suffering of Jesus. But Jesus’ story is one of triumph and … [Read more…]

St Mary’s Annual Report 2014-15

The 2015 Annual District Church Meeting took place at St Mary’s during Morning Service on Sunday 22nd March 2015. During the service there were brief updates on church activities and finances. There’s too much to put it all here so why not download our “Time for Thanks” report and find out what we’ve been up … [Read more…]